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Wallop K-12 Curriculum Project - Social Studies

Started Dec 15, 2020


Full course description

Social Studies education in Wyoming schools includes six topics, or strands: Citizenship (Government and Democracy), Culture, and Cultural Diversity; Production, Distribution, and Consumption (Economics); Time, Continuity, and Change (History); People, Places, Environments (Geography); and Technology, Literacy, and Global Connections. The Wyoming Department of Education is responsible for setting standards for all six strands. These standards define what students are expected to know and do by the time they graduate. 

To support this important endeavor, the Malcolm Wallop K-12 Curriculum Project has developed this repository for multimedia content created by social scientists at the University of Wyoming and at Wyoming's community colleges.  Videos and their accompanying materials address an array of topics across fields such as American studies, communication & journalism, history, international studies, political science.  

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